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Denle click al link y vean el video. 'Ta interesante. Aunque bueno, el titulo del tema es engañoso, jeje.

FORT LUPTON - It's a story you have to see to believe; fire flowing from the faucet.

It looks like a prank, but It is a very real danger for Amee Ellsworth and her family.

"I was scared, I was terrified."

Amy has good reason to be scared.

Her well water is contaminated with natural gas and is highly flammable.

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission determined the gas is coming from a leak in one of eight active gas wells within a ½ mile radius of the Elllsworth's home.

All that natural gas in their home could cause an explosion.

Now we've learned they aren't the only family with contaminated water. Neighbor Renee McClure and her family have been drinking it for years.

"My kids drink it. My pets drink it. I'm worried," McClure told us.

Her 13-year-old son set their water on fire after seeing the story on FOX 31 News.

Weld Central Junior High is also planning to test their well water.
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