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Viejo 13-September-2011, 09:31
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Predeterminado Una clase de Geografía para Glenn Beck ahh y también para Obama

We have to remember ( Yes. someone used to say that memory is the silly’s intelligence) how Glenn Beck makes a mockery about what president Felipe Calderón had to say to the Americans about the treatment that Mexican wet backs receive in the land of wealth and prosperity as the United States of Amnesia Is

After all the fun and creativity he shows, we would like also to give a lesson of Geography to him and to Mr. Barack Obama. If you like to use guns without any restraint, you have to do it INSIDE YOUR OWN COUNTRY, THAT IS ABOVE THE RIO BRAVO RIVER BORDER AND DOWN YOUR BORDER WITH CANADA


So if you like to use all your weapons, do it in your country

Thank you Mr. Beck and Mr. Barack Obama for your law enforcement inside your country

What we can not accept is that we have had more than 40,000 people death all because you like to party with drugs. So please do something.
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